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Art Prints From Stock

Spice Up Your Home with Our Art Prints from Stock

Is your living room, office, or apartment missing a little something? Breathe a little color and energy into your space with art prints from stock at Baxter's Custom Framing & Design. We source an eclectic collection of art prints and use our expert custom framing skills to highlight the landscape or portrait. Find one that has your modern vibe or traditional sense of style. If you don't particularly love its frame, we can always switch it out with one that you prefer.

Custom Design Delivers a Frame that Complements Your Decor

Is there an old family photo or aging art print that lacks the final touch of a beautiful frame? Come on in and explore all the possibilities when you peruse our huge selection of frames, mattes, and fillets. Did you change up your furniture, carpeting, or wall color, and now your favorite piece of art just doesn't blend? We can help to fix that!

Take Home Something on the Wall or Select a Print that Speaks to You

Our name includes custom design because we know that it takes more than a beautiful piece of art to complete your design concept. Come on in and peruse our unique collection of art prints. Some are on the walls to highlight our popular framing options while others are available for you to flip through. Talk to us about your redecorating plans and we can suggest a new twist for framing art that can include older pieces in a new environment.

Explore all the possibilities when you visit Baxter's Custom Framing & Design right here in downtown Petaluma. Park on the street in front of the store and come visit for a while. We look forward to working with you.

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