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Picture Framing

Picture Framing Near Me Done by a Professional

Does it always feel like your child's school picture looks a little unimpressive in that quick and easy frame that you picked up at the big box store? Create a more memorable snapshot of their childhood with picture framing by Baxter's Custom Framing & Design. You can have their portrait professionally mounted and framed using the same frame year after year, or change things up to celebrate this year's accomplishments.

Add Your Own Twist to the Final Presentation with Our Custom Solutions

There is no need to ship out your photo when you work with picture framing near me. We stock a huge array of papers, mattes, and frames to create a special place for your portraits. Ask us about opulent options such as gilt frames, hand-crafted mattes, and even fabrics to provide a unique accent to your framing project. Keep it minimal with a contemporary brushed metal frame that places all the focus on the smiling faces in the frame.

Picture Framing for Wedding, School, and Family Photos

There are so many special occasions where a professional photographer captures your family and friends while you celebrate. We are happy to give your weddings, sports team, or career milestone pics a permanent home. Did you just finish a beautiful piece of art or needlework? A frame provides the final polish to celebrate your achievements and save them for others to cherish in the future.

Baxter's Custom Framing & Design is open for your convenience every Tuesday through Saturday. There is street parking right out front, so you don't need to carry your prized portraits or canvas far. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a more attentive and personalized service.

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